About Us

image 6 Star Escort is the most reputable escort agency in Kuala Lumpur and one that is often copied by its competitors. We are a very straight forward and honest company when it comes to conducting our business. We will tell you honestly what is available in the market at time that you are calling and what is good. If something you are looking for is not available we will also tell you rather than simply send a girl just to do your business. Unfortunately, many customers do not like to hear the truth and would rather hear what makes them happy even though they are getting conned by others. Rest assured 6 Star Escort will not do that. It is perhaps because of our willingness to forgo certain business that keeps us alive and at the top. We receive many good reviews and recommendations globally by clients as well as escort review websites. We hold a 100% perfect record as far as client and girl safety is concerned and we are able to do that because we learned to reject troublesome and suspicious clients.

Why should you deal with 6 Star Escort? Very simple – because you deserve the best and 6 Star Escort is the best the industry has to offer. Many clients think that getting a good looking girl on the first delivery makes an escort agency good while when girls do something not to their liking it makes escort agency bad. Well, if this is the benchmark to measure an escort agency then the client’s thinking is too shallow. There are many unapparent factors that play a more important role in determining a good escort agency. The two issues mentioned can always be resolved and are not important in determining the reputation of an agency. It is other factors like :-

  • Attending to complaint
  • Punctuality
  • Market access when there is no stock
  • Handling of issues when things go wrong
  • Listening to client request and getting the closest match based on what is available in the market at that time
  • Providing useful information to clients

Our content clearly shows we are an escort agency which pays great attention to detail. We are truly a class above the rest in many aspects of our operations so give 6 Star Escort a call if you need a female companion in Kuala Lumpur. Our girls will send you to the moon!

Fair Price, Innovative Packages & Customer Satisfaction

6 Star Escort (www.6-star-escort.info : the original and the one from Malaysia) is an internationally recognized brand for innovation, fair practice and transparency. Our aim is to provide you with the best adult entertainment at the most economical price hence we would appreciate your participation in helping us realize this objective. Kindly recommend our escort agency on relevant websites, blogs and sex forums as well as circulate our hotel list (check out our hotel wall) to your friends who are visiting Kuala Lumpur. Your help is very much appreciated. Don't forget to save and pass our contact number to your friends.