imageIt is strongly recommended that you read how to arrange and frequently asked questions (FAQ) before you call us to place order. This is because different countries operate on different rules and it is therefore crucial that you understand industry rules in Kuala Lumpur in order to avoid misunderstanding. Our FAQ is the first documented guidelines for the sex industry in Malaysia (2007) and is by far the most comprehensive.

Why should you deal with 6 Star Escort?

6 Star Escort is reputed to be the most innovative and sought after escort  agency in Malaysia. We are undeniably the most professional, transparent and fair escort agency in the sex industry. When you deal with 6 Star Escort you are dealing with the best in the industry. When it comes to pampering yourself you deserve the best. We are efficient and reliable while our service discreet. Our number priority is safety for clients and girls. When you order through 6 Star Escort safety and privacy is assured.

As for product range we offer the most comprehensive list of services. If you can't find what you are looking for in 6 Star Escort you can forget the rest. Our service is truly original and innovative because it is all about you and your fantasies (just take a look at our price list). We make your dreams come true and we do that in the most creative way. As for variety, we have market access to 400+ escorts in the Kuala Lumpur market. These escorts are young (18-25), gorgeous and elegant. They are mainly from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

Why should you save our number on your phone?

Sex is just a phone call away. When you save our number on your phone make sure it is anonymous (e.g. 6 Star Travel) so that it avoids detection with your spouse. Don't worry we will know how to handle your spouse when she calls. This is something no other escort agencies will do for you or can do so professionally. You have to trust us that we are good with words. Perhaps our content is the best testimony.

Is it safe to engage escort service in Kuala Lumpur?

Outcall escort service is the safest and most discreet way to entertain yourself, your clients and your friends. This is because you choose your own venue (hotel or residence where you want us to deliver the girls) hence safety is assured. All hotels in Kuala Lumpur allow escorts into their rooms. For most hotels we will send the girls directly to your rooms while certain hotels require you to come down to pick up your guests.

What is the coverage area for our escort service?

6 Star Escort deliver escorts to all hotels and residences  in Klang Valley including airports (KLIA / LCCT) and Genting Highlands.

What time do we operate?

Our service operates daily from 12pm - 6am.

How to arrange an escort?

Give us a call during our operation hours. Tell us what you want, for how many hours and where you want us to deliver the girls. Please do not sms or email as we need to take down your details. Advance reservation is not required  as we deliver immediately. Please read through how to arrange.

How long does it take to arrive?

How long it takes to arrive depends on delivery location, traffic and weather. Below is a summary of estimated delivery time for various locations. Please note that we execute your orders immediately when you call us.

Location Estimated Delivery Time
Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (city center) 30 minutes
Kuala Lumpur outskirts 60 minutes
Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Nilai etc 70 minutes
Airports (KLIA / LCCT) 80 minutes
Genting Highlands 90 minutes

What is the minimum session for escort service?

Kuala Lumur Golden Triangle                          :      1 hour session

Kuala Lumpur outskirts (Petaling Jaya)            :      1 hour session

Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Nilai, Sepang (airport)   :      3 hour session
Genting Highlands                                             :      6 hour session

How long will the girl stay?

For the one hour session the girl will leave once you are done. The one hour is the maximum time frame allowed hence even if you are not done she will still leave unless you intend to extend the session. If you want the girl to stay the entire one hour please inform us when you place order. Please note that even if she stays the entire hour you can only cum once. This is an industry rule set by the market and has been in force for many years.

On the other hand, for sessions longer than one hour the girl will stay the entire duration unless you want her to leave early.

How to choose an escort?

The practice in Kuala Lumpur is that we send the girls to your hotel or residence for you to choose. We do not provide photos of our escorts because :-

  • It is impossible to keep updated photos of so many escorts because they leave after one month.
  • It is important to protect the identity of the girls similar to how we do not reveal client's details.
  • Photos can sometimes be deceiving unlike seeing the real person.

Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (City Center)

If you are located in Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (city center) we will send a few girls for you to choose. If it is not suitable we can change for you free of charge.

Away From City Center

If you are situated away from Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (city center) it is industry practice to send one girl per customer only. This is because for a 1 hour session located outskirts it takes 3 hours by the time the girl gets back to town due to 1 hour of travelling there, 1 hour on the job and  1 hour getting back. It would not be fair to other girls who are not selected to wait 3 hours. In fact, sending several girls for one customer to choose away from city center will be disastrous as it would create a supply bottleneck in the industry when the market is active. The industry's solution to this issue is simple. We can change the girl for you if it is not suitable but there is a small transport fee for each time you wish to change. This is fair because transport fee goes to the driver for each trip they make. On occasions when the market is extremely quiet (wholesale end) and you intend to select the overnight session or if you have several clients we may send an additional choice but this is subject to wholesaler approval. 

What if the escort is not suitable?

If the escort is not suitable let her go immediately and we will change for you. There is no delivery fee if you are located in Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (city center). There is no need to tip girls when you reject.

Are there delivery fees?

If you are located away from Kuala Lumpur city center there is a small transport fee for delivering the girls to you. In the event that the escort is not suitable and you need to change delivery fee is based on the number of trips. Please note that delivery fees are set by the market and are given to drivers as income for delivering the girls to you. Delivery fees range from RM30 - RM150 (for year 2012) depending on your location. 

What should I do if I am not staying in Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (city center) but I wish to choose?

You can come to city center and we will arrange for you to choose. Once you have selected payment must be made immediately while we arrange transport to send you and the girl back to your hotel.

If you are selecting not for immediate use you still need to make full payment while tell us what time and where you want us to send the girl. On many occasions client opt for such arrangement because they are ordering to entertain their business clients.

How do I arrange escort service to entertain friends, clients or business associates?

Businessmen sometimes feel shy requesting or accepting social escort as gifts even though they want it badly. The ideal way to arrange it is to let us handle it for you. Come to us beforehand to make payment and give us your client's details (surname, hotel, room number and time of delivery). We will call your client to inform him that a free gift has been arranged for him. If your client do not want it we will return the money to you.

Are prices negotiable?

Prices are fixed, quoted in Ringgit Malaysia and are applicable for Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (city center).

Do we accept credit card?

No we only accpet cash. If you wish to pay in foreign currencies  please inform us when you place your order. Clients may use a combination of Ringgit Malaysia and foreign currencies for payment. If you have large notes and the amount in foreign currencies exceed the price we will return the balance to you in Ringgit Malaysia. 

Can we accept Paypal

Yes we can.

Who should I pay to?

You should pay to the escort or the driver.

When should payment be made?

Once you have selected the escort you need to make full payment. Service will only commence after payment is made. The normal procedure is that girls will call back to the company to inform that money is collected and service is commencing. This is also when time starts counting for the session.

Is it necessary to tip the escorts?

Tipping girls is not necessary unless you feel like it.

Can I share the escort with a friend, girlfriend or wife?

The packages are meant for one individual and you may not share it with your friends. If you intend to have a friend or girlfriend in the same room kindly inform us when you place order because prices will be double as girls charge based on the number of people in the room.

How many times can I have sex?

The number of times one can have sex depends on how many hours you order the escort and which country the escort is from. These rules are set by the market and have been in place for many years.

Escorts 1 Hour 3 Hours
(2 Hrs Free 1 Hr)
6 Hours
12 hours
(Half Day)
Vietnam 1 2 3 6
Vietnam Threesome (2 girls 1 guy) 1 2 3 6
Indonesia 1 2 3 6
Indonesia Threesome (2 girls 1 guy) 1 2 3 6
Thailand 1 2 3 6
Thailand Threesome (2 girls 1 guy) 1 2 3 6
Philippines 1 2 3 6
Philippines Threesome (2 girls 1 guy) 1 2 3 6
China 1 2 3 6
China Threesome (2 girls 1 guy) 1 2 3 6

Can I have sex without condom?

Condom is compulsory for sex.

When selecting girls can I ask them to take off their clothes?

No. It is after you have selected and made full payment only then will she take off her clothes.

Can I share the same room with my friend who is also ordering an escort?

Yes you may enjoy together in the same room, however, you are not allowed to switch partners. Girls charge based on the number of partners they have sex with.

Can I take the girls out for dinner?

Yes but you must inform us in advance and tell us where you are taking her for dinner.

Can I take the girls out to a disco, bar or nightclub?

It is advisable to avoid high risk areas, however, if you really want to then the ideal entertainment outlets would be those within your hotel. If you intend to take her out of the hotel please inform us where you are taking her.

What is the most popular or economical session?

The 3 hour session is the most popular while the 6 hour session (overnight) is the most economical. In Kuala Lumpur the 6 hour session is known as the overnight session. You may opt for this anytime during the day and not necessary only at night. In the sex industry, the longer hours you take the cheaper it is per hour.

Hot girls refer to girls who are popular. A girl may be popular for any of the following reasons :- pretty, good service, good at blowjob, tight pussy, inexperience, especially young or new arrival. Hot girls are the most popular category for each country. Apart from hot girls there are also girls with special services such as cum in mouth (CIM), suck till cum, anal sex, ice & fire, one dragon service, anilingus. Girls with specialized services are not easy to find hence subject to availability.

For those who want an unforgettable sexual encounter we strongly recommend that you try out the One Dragon Service. It is a one and a half hour non-stop service which is guaranteed to be an eye opener. In fact, it is more exciting than the Karma Sutra. For those who are familiar with the sex industry in China you will know what it is all about. It is sexual satisfaction at its best. One Dragon Service is a specialized service in Kuala Lumpur and subject to availability as not many girls are willing to do it. You are allowed to cum twice in this service.

Ice and fire is a service which involves the contrast of hot and cold for sexual stimulation. Girls use hot water/tea as well as ice to service client's body. The peak of this service is when it is done on a man's penis. Sex is included in this service.

What is the standard protocol for escort service?

The standard protocol for escort service is that clients must wash up before service commences. Normally the girl will do this for you. Service begins with blowjob (without condom unless you want to wear) followed by sex. Condoms will be provided free of charge by the escorts and compulsory for sex. Please note that kissing is not required of the girls as far as industry rules are concerned. If you really insist on having a girl who kisses then tell us when you place order. The possible but not necessary disadvantage of this request is that girls who are willing to kiss may not be as good looking.

How to ensure a good time with the girls?

  • Be open minded rather than have set expectations as girls do not know what is on your mind.
  • Be friendly and courteous. Joke with the girls to create a more relaxing atmosphere. This is necessary as she is as unacquainted to you as you are to her.
  • Offer her a drink to break the ice.
  • Compliment the girls (e.g. you are beautiful, you have a nice body, you have nice pussy...). Complimenting appropriately will pave the way for you to do what you wish even though it is not allowed, expected or required based on industry rules.
  • Tell them you heard that their service is fantastic and you would love to try it.
  • Hint to the girl what you enjoy most but don't give them a list of demands. E.g. I love to be sucked longer before sex.

Even though one is paying for sex doesn't mean one should treat the girls like sex slaves. They are humans too and worse of all they are females. This means you still need to do the basics as if you are tackling a girl and that is to create an ambiance for intimate sex. Try breaking the ice by making her feel good then casually hint what you wish while lead her to it. When you do it right you are most certainly guaranteed she will be on her knees begging to serve you. She will break all industry rules to make you happy without her realizing herself. By the way, practice makes perfect so call us more often to practice. You have to call us as no other escort agency in the world gives you such useful tips. Well, it is a complementary service from 6 Star Escort as our objective is to make your dreams come true.

Things you need to know about the Sex Fantasy Package.

Sex Fantasy Packages are meant for one individual and not to be shared among friends. For these packages, full payment must be made upfront upon confirmation of the first order. The prices are fixed, quoted in Ringgit Malaysia and are meant for Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle (city center). If you wish to have the Sex Fantasy Packages away from city center transport fees is based on the number of trips (sessions). When you finished the first session you may rest as long as you wish. Just give us a call when you are ready to continue with the next session.

How to purchase Viagra / Cialis?

Viagra and Cialis are only available via mail order. For quantities above 50 pills we can arrange for the supplier to hand deliver, however, it is subject to their discretion while there is a transport fee of RM30. If you wish to purchase refer to section on Viagra / Cialis.

Can escorts deliver Viagra or Cialis?

Viagra / Cialis cannot be delivered by escorts because the delivery is done by a third party. Besides it is not advisable to let the girls know about it.

What is the best way to order the same girl?

The best way to order the same girl is to get her name and contact number. Most of them will be glad to give it to you. When you are ready to order just give us the particulars.

What should you do if the girl or driver approach you directly for business?

Call us immediately to inform us. It is against industry rules to undercut and matters like this will be brought up to the wholesaler for them to handle. Rest assured you will not be disturbed. Our advice is not to deal with them because they are not professionals in this industry and do not adhere to rules. Clients who have dealt with them came back to us complaining about being harassed with sms and calls as they were soliciting for business. This is something we never do as we are reputed for our business ethics.

Were you shortchanged by the girl or driver?

In the past there have been cases whereby girls and drivers pretend not to have sufficient small change just to pocket the difference but now it is a rare situation. We do not encourage practices like such and suggest that you inform us immediately should you encounter similar situation. It is our company policy not to overcharge clients and we will always return the difference to you.

Did the girl ask for more money than what was agreed upon?

If the girl ask for more than what was agreed upon kindly call us immediately and we will solve the issue for you.

Did the girl ask for tips when she is not selected?

It is not right for girls to request for tips when she is not selected. In fact, it is very annoying to encounter situations like such and we strongly urge you not to tip her.

Can I take photo or film the girl?

Taking photos and filming is strictly prohibited unless it is done so with the girl's consent. Anyone caught doing so face serious consequences and you will be dealing with the girl's agents (bosses) and wholesalers (big boys in the industry). This is a serious offense so don't do it.

What should I do when there is a problem?

Should you encounter any problem it is important that you call us immediately so we can resolve it for you. It is pointless to tell us when the girl has left or when time is up as there is nothing we can do for you then.

What should I do if the girl left without taking her phone/purse?

Call us immediately and we will send a car to collect it.

Things you should not do.

  • Contact us when we are not open.
  • Deal by sms as we need to take down your details.
  • Call several escort agencies simultaneously for delivery.
  • Place order when you are not in the hotel or residence (place where you want us to deliver the girls).
  • Negotiate prices with the girl or driver when they arrive as they are in no position to determine prices. Neither does the girl have authority to determine prices when you need to extend the session.

Precautionary steps when ordering escorts to your hotel.

  • Keep your valuables in the hotel safe. If your hotel does not have a safe then keep it in the closet.
  • It is almost unheard of but in the event valuables are missing it is important that you call us immediately.

Precautionary steps when ordering escorts to your residence.

  • Keep your valuables in a safe place.
  • When the girl arrive make sure her shoes are inside your house instead of outside your front door.
  • Ask her to speak softly.
  • Be ready to account for extra tower, cups or plates used by girl.
  • Flush condoms down the toilet bowl instead of throwing it into your rubbish bin.
  • Ensure your spouse's toiletries are at its original position.
  • Pick up the girl's hair from your bed sheet, pillow case and sofa followed by thorough sweeping and moping of the floor. Don't forget to wash your toilet floor to remove hairs.
  • It is advisable to hang the pillow case and bed sheet in the sun to get rid of perfume smell.
  • Empty the ashtray and rubbish bin to the bin outside your house. Don't leave it in the house.

Fair Price, Innovative Packages & Customer Satisfaction

6 Star Escort (www.6-star-escort.info : the original and the one from Malaysia) is an internationally recognized brand for innovation, fair practice and transparency. Our aim is to provide you with the best adult entertainment at the most economical price hence we would appreciate your participation in helping us realize this objective. Kindly recommend our escort agency on relevant websites, blogs and sex forums as well as circulate our hotel list (check out our hotel wall) to your friends who are visiting Kuala Lumpur. Your help is very much appreciated. Don't forget to save and pass our contact number to your friends.