How To Ensure A Good Time With The Girls

imageOur aim is to make your dreams come true hence we have compiled some useful tips to ensure you you achieve ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Things You Need To Do

  1. Be open minded rather than have set expectations as girls do not know what is on your mind.
  2. Be friendly and courteous. Joke with the girls to create a relaxing atmosphere. This is necessary as she is as unacquainted to you as you are to her.
  3. Offer her a drink to break the ice.
  4. Compliment the girls (e.g. you are beautiful, you have a nice body, you have nice pussy...). Complimenting appropriately will pave the way for you to do what you wish even though it is not allowed, expected or required based on industry rules.
  5. Tell them you heard that their service is fantastic and you would love to try it.
  6. Hint to the girl what you enjoy most but don't give them a list of demands. E.g. I love to be sucked longer before sex.

Even though one is paying for sex doesn't mean one should treat the girls like sex slaves. They are humans too and worse of all they are females. This means you still need to do the basics as if you are tackling a girl and that is to create an ambiance for intimate sex. Try breaking the ice by making her feel good then casually hint what you wish while lead her to it. Using reverse psychology to hint also works if you know how. When you do the above right you are most certainly guaranteed she will be on her knees begging to serve you. She will break all industry rules to make you happy without her realizing herself. By the way, practice makes perfect so call us more often to practice. You have to call us as no other escort agency gives you such useful tips. Well, it is a complementary service from 6 Star Escort as our objective is to make your dreams come true.
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