One Dragon Service

imageOne Dragon Service is a one and a half hour non-stop service which allows you to cum twice. For the first time ever 6 Star Escort will shed some light on behind the scene training girls undergo for this service. The training is professional, intense and only available in China. Girls are required to master this art (30+ different techniques each with its own name in Chinese) before working in a spa in China. In fact, many girls drop out half way through because they couldn't take it while some get blisters on the tongue while learning how to twirl. We use the word "twirl" instead of "lick" because when girls service your entire body (every inch of it) for one and a half hours non-stop they actually twirl their tongues in circular motion on your skin. This gives a different sensation from when we normally get licked. Some spas in China actually employ professional gigolos to lie down while the girls learn how to suck their cocks. Until the gigolos are satisfied only will the girl be passed. The benchmark for successful blowjob is to arouse a man until he can no longer take it hence giving rise to one of our categories called "blowjob specialist". Some escort agencies copy our services while simply send a girl but the truth is that they don't know what it is all about. Now you know. As mentioned many times, when it comes to pampering yourself you deserve the best and you can only get that by dealing with the original, the most innovative and the most professional escort agency in the market - 6 Star Escort. Our content is a testimony of our experience and knowledge which we make pubic so that you guys can also enjoy sex the way you have not experienced. It is about achieving ultimate pleasure through sharing of knowledge.

Ice and Fire (using the contrast of hot and cold for sexual stimulation) is only one of the techniques in the One Dragon service. In fact, it is used extensively during the One Dragon service as girls gargle hot water/tea and ice cubes while twirling their tongue on your entire body. Different girls use different techniques depending on how they were trained and what equipment is available in the room. The following is what you can expect for the One Dragon service. Before going into details we would like to share with you the best way to enjoy this service and that is to take one Viagra / Cialis. The reason is because Viagra / Cialis gets your penis erected (rock solid) especially after the first ejaculation. You are supposed to relax throughout the session and enjoy what the girl does to you instead of rushing to have sex. Viagra / Cialis gets your penis up for this kind of occasions with great results. It is really an eye opener as we shall explain.

The first session, which uses Ice and Fire technique, is packed with amazing blowjob skills. It is so orgasmic that we guarantee you will reach the moon. We are almost certain you will ejaculate before you reach the moon. The skills and techniques involved are so spectacular that we label the One Dragon Service as:

  1. The must try service.
  2. The ultimate satisfaction.
  3. Certification for manhood.

Honestly speaking, you don't know what is sexual satisfaction until you have tried the One Dragon Service. The service begins with you lying on the bed (face down). The girl will service every inch of your body starting from the back by twirling her tongue on your skin while gargling hot water/tea in her mouth. The warm liquid relaxes your body and makes you horny. When this happens don't rush into sex. You are supposed to be served like a king so allow her to serve you. During this stage you are probably somewhere between planet Earth and the moon but when she switches to ice cubes some will over shoot the moon while experience men will smile. This is when you ought to take a picture of yourself because it depicts the satisfaction your spouse cannot give you. Don't forget to say thank you 6 Star when you smile. If you don't smile the girl will gently suck on your skin (with the tea or ice cubes in her mouth) and drag it up and down along your back. This is possible because of the liquid in her mouth. This action gives a damn good feeling and it doesn't stop here because she will continue the dragging along the back of your thighs and calves. This is when you feel legless. The eye opening act here is when she switches from servicing your back to your penis. As mentioned earlier, different girls do it differently but for this particular girl we recommend she insists that clients bend over (like females would position themselves for doggy style sex) while resting the head on the pillow. This position allows her to begin servicing client's ass (rimming / anilingus). This is done so one after another using hot tea and ice cubes. We call this the ultimate ass cleaning job and a job that every man enjoys. During this service it is crucial that men control their hormones because the last thing we need is clients shitting in girl's mouth. Don't be the first to break this record as it is a record you don't want your name next to. The next act is one which 99% of men never tried and that is she plunges her tongue deep into your anal. Yes that's right you will be tongue fucked by the girl. Isn't it amazing? It may sound sick but till you try it out words cannot describe this feeling. We pay the girls a lot of tips to get things done for you and that is why you should only engage 6 Star Escort for the One Dragon service. Now that you start to understand the meaning of satisfaction it doesn't end here as the next technique involves bending your dick over till it sticks out from your ass. This is done so while you are still in the earlier doggy style position whereby you had your anal serviced. For those who tried this position before you will know how stiff your dick gets. While bent over in a doggy style position the girl will suck your rock solid cock from behind till you forget your spouse's name. If you are still alert she will move on to a thorough balls licking session while you are bending. Getting horny guys? This sums up the first part of the One Dragon service and takes around 30 minutes. Now you understand why we say the One Dragon service is about service rather than sex. You need to get your penis erected for this duration to enjoy the service while not hurry into sex. Call us if you require Viagra or Cialis. If you lasted this long you deserve your first ejaculation at this stage so have sex, wash up and wait for the second part of the One Dragon service.


The second session of the One Dragon service involves servicing the front part of your body. Depending on the girl, you may or may not be asked to stand up while she kneels on her knees to perform a fellatio on you. The fellatio performed by these girls are different because they twirl their tongues while sucking your dick. Some will even do deep throat blowjobs for you. What you get out of a girl depends on how much she likes you. So don't be demanding but rather be smart. Read up on the section about how to ensure a good time with the girls. We are the only escort agency in the world providing such useful tips (as at 2012). While you are at it you might as well read precautionary steps when ordering an escort to your hotel and residence. Again, it is something you will not find elsewhere. Anyway, while in a standing position she will entertain your cock for a prolonged period while massage your testicles at the same time. All of a sudden, the girl does a 360° rotation while having your penis in her mouth. Of course you are in a standing position and wondered what the hell just happened. This is truly something amazing. In case you are still in the state of shock she does it again several times to ensure you saw it and saw the moon. Before we forget we would like to remind you that while all these services are going on her hands will be caressing your nipple. Another noticeable move is that while she services you she will intentionally rub your body with her breasts. The techniques may vary from girl to girl but generally speaking the basics will be there. The part that most men never knew existed is when she is in a 69 position with the man at the bottom. All of a sudden, she does a hand stand with her legs on the wall. Guess what she does next? She sucks your cock while doing a hand stand on the bed with her legs against the wall. This is something truly fantastic. Even the Karma Sutra don't have this technique. There is one final technique we wish to share with you but honestly speaking we doubt you will be treated to this service. How it works is when a man lies down on a bed in a sleeping position (face and toes facing the sky). The girl will put a condom on your big toe while she performs some dirty dancing followed by fucking your big toe.


The above is what you can expect when you order the One Dragon service from 6 Star Escort. When we make strong statements like must try service, ultimate satisfaction and certification for manhood we really mean it. We are professionals in this industry and when you compare other websites and their services you will know we are different from the rest. The only problem is that people get confused because they are many copycats out there. We have a request from you and if you ever try the One Dragon service please put your comments on sex forums so that other people will know about its existence. We would appreciate if you could also write about it on our guest book.

Service : One Dragon Service

Duration : 90 - 120 minutes

Number of rounds : 2 cums allowed

Escort : Chinese escorts

Availability : Outcall only

Price : RM 1000

Client Comment on The One Dragon Service

The following comment is written by a satisfied client after trying our One Dragon Service. It used to appear on our guestbook but the guestbook has been removed due to space constraint.

I have to recommend the China One Dragon.

I called 6 Star in the afternoon and expressed a wish to receive the ChinaOne Dragon. Fellow asked I call him at 7. Called at 7 and he showed up, as promised, at 8.15. I had to go downstairs to get the girl, but this gave me a chance to look at her before I handed over the money (RM 1000).

Girl was slim, pretty and quiet. Actually she spoke very little English. But she was pretty, friendly and business like. Upon entering the room, I had rolled a joint to smoke (having escorts, for some reason, always makes me nervous for the first 15-20 minutes) but she immediately took to rearranging the pillows on the bed. She laid a towel on the bed, unpacked her equipment (for that it was it is!).

Trusth be told, I had dropped some molly at Noon, so by the time the girl arrived, I was in that chill post-rolling phase. Actually half an hour after the experience and here I am writing this, and I am still in the post-rolling phase. Awesome.


She took her clothes off, made a grab and giggled at my penis (I am well endowed). She didn't answer when I asked her age, but she told me she was from China. She then took my clothes off and took me to the shower.

She lathered me up and gave me a great rub-down. The effects of the Molly amplified the experience. She then took some pains in cleaning my love, which was great. I've often played with my 'Taint and love, but have never had someone else do it. She also put this disinfectant cream on it, which gave me a sense of what was to come. But the cream was minty and soon my balls and love had a minty freshness that I could feel.

She was rather poor in the cock-sucking department but more than made up for it by the attention she paid my balls. She even sat me down in the shower, knelt between my legs and gave the ole' Taint a good workout. I nearly lost my mind.

She dried me off. The rolling effect made the experience awesome (actually, from now on, just assume every experience I have from this point on was mind-blowing because of the glow of the ecstacy).

She lay me down face down, put some tea in her mouth and like my neck, ears and back. She grazed her nipples on my body. My back. My love. My thighs. My calves. My toes.

Through all of this, I couldn't see her, but I was in a reverie of my own. She broke it by asking my to kneel, doggy-style, with my love in the air, legs apart and face down. She sat behind me, took that sip of tea and went to town on my love and dangling balls. Incredible! She then replaced the tea in her mouth with ice cubes and returned my anus. Bliss!! I must add all this time, her free hand was exploring my body. Tracing her fingertips everywhere. From my toes, grabbing my balls, tweaking my nipples.

I couldn't take it anymore and turned around. And she started the hot- and cold-killing routine on my ears, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, inner thighs. Then she got up, picked one of the pillow she had put away, and placed it under my hips. She knelt before me, love in the air, and started to tounge-love my love and suck my balls.

Now anyone who's taken Molly will tell you it's bugger impossible to come, let alone get an erection. I had had a semi-limp but very sensitive penis, balls and prostate all this time (her rimming me wasn't making things any better). I wasn't worried, as this massage was about me and my pleasure. And that's the thing with the China One Dragon: It's so self-indulgent, there should be a law!!

After what seemed of 20 minutes of tongue-loveing me, I decided I had to taste her and asked her if she wanted to 69. She didnt't seem to mind, turned around and placed her gorgeous love on my face. I was in heaven. I noticed her love - and outie - and decided to give it a try. I haven't really done this before either - all this is a first time for me!

She liked me licking her clit and pussy but really seemed to twitch and moan every time I licked her love. So I dug in and returned the tongue-loveing favor, alternating between her pussy and love. Buffet heaven. I hadn't had a Chinese girl till now and her hairless pussy and wiry pubic hair was a total turn on. And she smelled exactly like a woman should smell down there. Clean with a hint of musk. I must remind you all this time while we 69-ed she had her head between my legs and tongue alternating between my love, cock and balls.

We must have 69-ed for 15-20 minutes, with her shaking her love harder and harder against my face. Glorious! She then got off, rolled over and motioned for a toke from the joint. I sparked up while she lay down straight on her back and then, to my surprise, started touching herself. I took two drags of the joint, passed it back to her and seized the opportunity. I dove between her legs and my tongue found her clitoris. Have you noticed how much harder it is to get a girl off 69-ing compared to straight up. Anyway, she seemed to be on hair trigger and instantly tensed up and came. She had those orgasms where girls straighten their legs and press them together instead of opening them further. By doing so, she got me in a vice-grip and pushed me against her hard while she convulsed and came, her chest flushing when she did.

Did I mention she had this fantastic alabaster skin and some very pretty , small but firm nipples. Overall, she was a 9 in clothes but her love sagged a bit (lack of exercise, not weight, making me guess she was in her early thirties. The state of her breasts confirmed she had not yet conceived.

I sat up and stroked her clit my finger of one hand while the other traced all over her body. She enjoyed it immensely. Though her eyes were closed, she came again, moaning with joy at the release and, as she came, looked deep into my eyes. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her close. Very intense orgasm.

I sat back, with my legs splayed open. She took the hint, got up and bent down between my legs. The tongue loveing commenced again. She was kneeling before me with her love in the air and then she did something that totally bleow my mind: she reached back behind herself and started playing with her anus. This was one experienced lady!! Actually, all this time, I was wondering how she picked these tricks off.

By this time, the China One Dragon experience was about an hour and fifteen in. Her tongue loveing was doing the joba nd from semi-stiffie I achieved a hard on. She put one of her condoms on and lay back with her legs in the air.

Now I have a fairly large cock and all this time it had been a shadow of itself. I think the penetration surprised her or she acted really well. Her pussy was sopping wet (a result of my eating buffet out of her love and within a few thrusts she came and I became soft again. love ecstacy. Still, I wasn't complaining.

She took my condom off and started giving me a blow job and sucking my balls. At this time, I was seized by a brilliant idea and grabbed one of the condoms, put it on my finger and lubed it up. She raised her had and saw what I was doing and smiled. She got out of the way and stood over me as I clumsily fingered myself (in for a penny in for a pound). I couldn't beleive she touched herself watching me. Then, before I could make a total fool of myself, she leaned over, opened another condom, put TWO FINGERS into it and lubed it up.

Unsolicited - and this was one of the thing about her: she knew when to get a hint and act quickly. This happened really quickly and before I knew it my prostate was getting the massage of its life while she put my balls in her mouth and darted her tongue about on the underside of my balls.

My penis swelled, I groaned, pulled sheets, cursed, moaned and let loose a God Almighty load of spunk (I think the prostate massage helped).

(I'm going to spare you the details of how she left, as they are not germane. But she left without much fuss or worry. Gave me a hug and a thumbs up (presumably for my little effort in the entire production).

In sum, gentlemen: If the girl is pretty, take the man's word for it that she's experienced enough to do the China One Dragon. Book it and have the time of your life.

A happy and satisfied (& still rolling) customer!

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