Precautionary Steps When Ordering Escorts

imageAs mentioned, 6 Star Escort is an escort agency that stands out from the rest because we do things differently. Our number one priority is safety for clients and girls hence we have compiled the following notes for you reference and hope you remember it when you order escorts to your hotel or house.

Precautionary Steps When Ordering Escorts To Your Hotel

  • Keep your valuables in the hotel safe. If your hotel does not have a safe then keep it in the closet/luggage.
  • It is almost unheard of but in the event valuables are missing it is important that you call us immediately.

Precautionary Steps When Ordering Escorts To Your Residence

  • Keep your valuables in a safe place.
  • When the girl arrive make sure her shoes are inside your house instead of outside your front door.
  • Ask her to speak softly.
  • Be ready to account for extra tower, cups or plates used by girl.
  • Flush condoms down the toilet bowl instead of throwing it into your rubbish bin.
  • Ensure your spouse's toiletries are at its original position.
  • Pick up the girl's hair from your bed sheet, pillow case and sofa followed by thorough sweeping and moping of the floor. Don't forget to wash your toilet floor to remove hairs.
  • It is advisable to hang the pillow case and bed sheet in the sun to get rid of perfume smell.
  • Empty the ashtray and rubbish bin to the bin outside your house. Don't leave it in the house.
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